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Vancouver Furnace Rental
Furnace Rental Vancouver
Not all surprises are good. When you get a cold spree and your furnace starts to give you problems and the pocket book is also hurting then Rent A Furnace is the right company for you.

You can Rent A Furnace for as little as $59.99 a month. And then you do not even have to put a few hundred dollars into that old furnace that is not worth it’s weight in metal. Getting a rental furnace will actually save you money from month to month when the temperature gets really cold. A new high efficiency furnace runs a lot better and uses less fuel than an old standard operating furnace.

After 10 years the furnace is yours, no more payments and your good to go for another decade or two with your new furnace from rent a furnace.

Just call 1-888-we-gas-4u for your free estimate on your furnace installation.

Furnace Repairs

Emergency Repair for Heating and Cooling equipment
Furnace Repairs Around the Clock

When it is cold out side and your furnace goes on the fritz you need a furnace repair man fast. With more furnace repair technicians across the country than any other company you are in good hands for quick reliable furnace repairs.

Our technicians a certified Gas Fitters and HVAC Repair technicians. We carry the necessary universal parts in our trucks to help you get warm again. It is important to keep you and your family safe when it gets very cold. In fact the elderly and the young have the most problems with it being too cold. And your house is the same, when it gets too cold and there is no heat your pipes can freeze and cause water lines to rupture. That means frozen water in your home as well as no heat.

Call Emergency Furnace Repairs at 1-888-we-gas-4u (934-2748)